Technical Portfolio

Geophysics, Geology, Field Assessment

Seismic mapping/interpretation:
  • Compressional foothills-type thrust belts
  • Extensional regimes
  • Mobile salt regimes
  • Structural inversion plays
    Strike-slip component plays
  • Seismic stratigraphic analysis
  • 2D modeling and VSPs
  • Pore pressure prediction
  • Guiding horizontal drilling
  • Fault/fracture mapping
3D seismic survey design
  • Illumination modeling
  • Sparse or ‘swath’ shooting for cost-savings
  • Onshore acquisition
  • Offshore acquisition
Seismic reprocessing
  • Survey Audit
  • Statics corrections
  • Spectral balancing
  • Noise filtering
  • Velocity analysis and modeling
  • Multiple attenuation
  • PSTM (Pre-Stack Time Migration)
  • Seismic thin-bed trace inversion
  • AVO (Amplitude vs. Offset) analysis
  • PSDM (Pre-Stack Depth Migration)
  • 4D reservoir evaluation
Potential Fields Data
  • Interpretation of gravity and magnetic data
  • Integration of gravity and magnetics data with seismic
  • Prospect and play risking, mapping and ranking
  • Regional data integration
  • Structural mapping and balanced cross section restoration
  • Reservoir and facies mapping
  • Well log and core analysis
  • Reserves calculation
  • Basin modeling and petroleum systems analysis
  • Waterflooding:  Designed, implemented and managed waterfloods in various rock types (sandstones, carbonates, granite) throughout the world.
  • Reserves Assessmentts
  • Pressure Testing:  Design, field implementation and data gathering and analysis of a wide range of pressure tests in various types of reservoirs, rock and fluid types including DST’s, Buildups, Drawdowns, Static Tests, Interference Tests, Pulse Tests etc.
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery:  Steam flooding, Huff & Puff, miscible, surfactant, polymer
  • Well Stimulations:  fracking, acidizing, water shutoff, dewaxing and wax control etc.
  • Sand control
  • Scale control and management
  • Gas Conservation
  • Lift systems
  • PVT sampling and analysis
  • Corrosion control and management

Professional Affiliations