About us

Canadian International Energy Corp (CIEC) is a technical based global solution for project and asset level management. CIEC was founded with the intent to fill the crucial gap of global oil & gas knowledge and experience by offering a range of comprehensive solutions driven by highly experienced and knowledgeable professionals.

CIEC can help achieve success

Broad skillset, extensive operating experience in a wide range of international environments

Track record of delivering value throughout the oil & gas business cycle

Commercially driven and results oriented

Extensive global operations network


Years of operations experience


Countries' experience

Solutions we offers

Cost-effective and optimized upstream engineering and geotechnical solutions for international oil and gas assets – we will map, drill, develop and manage your asset.


Health, Safety, And Environment

Canadian International Energy Corp (CIEC) will maintain and promote health, safety and environmental practices and procedures that comply with or exceed regulatory requirements and industry standards. CIEC’s HSE actions will reinforce our corporate Core Values of Excellence, Trust, Respect, and Responsibility.